H&M 登陆马来西亚!毋庸置疑是我近期最爱“血拼”地点!


Biker Jacket & Dress: H&M

Necklace: Tiffany & Co.

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  • Choi Yen
  • The biker jacket looks really thick but I also love design like this :)
  • Cheryl Chan
  • Nice jacket! should take a photo outdoor, I don't mind taking it for you. :P

    and is that a cambridge satchel?
  • Jolie
  • ya .is quite thick.. sweating when photoshot ~ haha~
  • Cheryl Chan
  • Thank you. I'm quite flattered. haha

    I'm currently looking for bloggers to do photoshooting together because they have very strong sense of own unique style.

    I like cambridge satchel design too, but I haven't get one myself. :)
  • Jolie
  • I did ask my friend shooting for me..but I not a good model ~ haha ~

    Cambrige satchel really worth to get one .. is handmade leather ~ the price not too high
  • Cheryl Chan
  • LOL. no need to be model, just be yourself. :)

    ya, still thinking which one to get, too many choices :P
  • Jolie
  • i will remember what you teach :P

    personally i like the neon and pastel color but worry too sharp.. that why i choose red ~
  • Cheryl Chan
  • My friend bought silver colour somemore. :P
  • Jolie
  • wow .. Silver not bad ~~