Are you looking something special for your party gift?
Party Hat brings you some creative party gift idea – Handmade crochet! 

Party Hat????????

"Party Hat is the first party planner in Malaysia to bring parties to your home!" 

Other party service, you can refer here >> Breakfast Party with Party Hat

Is it cute? Party Hat can customize for you to suit your party themes and only cost RM6.90each! 

Let’s me get some inspiration from Pinterest, I want customize handmade crochet too~~~
Tiffany blue bottle cozy ...match my blog themes ~


Product Information:
Item: Handmade crochet designs masterpiece/ with wooden pegs/ with magnet
Description: Personalized & outstanding, made with love & care.
Suitable to hold your notes or for decorations.
Not forgetting can be a lovely gift too.
Price: RM6.90 each for pegs | others pls ask Party Hat.
This is for craft lovers only!! :D

You can ask for your own design, send us Party Hat the picture & they will handmade it for you. 017 380 5560

More information and other service pricing please visit:
Party Hat website:
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